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perfect moment

Book layout and design

I was creating something very personal and heartwarming during the summer of 2018. My mother Ülle Adamson had a chance to publish her first poetry book "Perfect moment" ("Ideaalne hetk") through Kirjastus Paljasjalg during their campaign to publish 100 poetry books in order to celebrate 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Republic ("Eesti 100 Luuleraamatut").

My mother started to create poetry in the year of 2014. We decided to chronologize it and make year numbers as chapters as every year was special to her. There is total of 52 poems. My mission was to create cover's visual and illustrations within the book. The result is fascinating as it is the collaboration of mother-daughter vision on the same poems. The reader can try to look their own meaning in it as they are deep and open to different translations.

The book is published in estonian language.

The book can be bought through e-shop.

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