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Ericsson annual event 2020

Print design, branding

Every year Ericsson Estonia gets together at an annual event dedicated to their employees to celebrate their success together. This year's theme was inspired by the 20s and its main slogan was "Offline is the new luxury. Today we are only here and now!" They wanted to go back to the basics without guests using mobile phones during the event to celebrate live music, art, physics and innovation - and most importantly, their own people!


As the party itself was very luxurious filled with sparkles and magic, the invitations, posters, roll-up, screen banners etc were meant to reflect the same feeling. Every employee got their own personal named invitation (as they have ca 2100 employees that was a very time consuming task but worthy of recognition!) If a person decided to attend they had to rip their name tag off from inside of the invitation and place it in the registration box. As you can see - the event was offline from the first minutes!

The whole house and every TV screen was filled with event posters. So the anticipation was definitely in the air! Altogether 1300 people participated in the event which was more than it has ever been before so the marketing worked!

For invitations we used Curious Collection Matter Black Truffle 270g with matt silver offset print. Ornaments were printed with silver foil. Named paper was printed on Curious Collection Metallics Ice Silver 120g.​

Our printing partner was K-Print.

First picture is photographed by Arno Mikkor.

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